Kathy Lovan & Denis McClish

Responsible Breeding

If you have decided you want a rottweiler puppy, you should first seek out a responsible breeder.  What does this mean?

  • It is a breeder who is willing to guarantee that puppy a home for the life of the puppy should for any reason you can not keep the puppy. 

  • It is someone who has preformed health checks on the mother and has ensured the same health clearances have been done on the stud dog.  Someone who can provide OFA proof that Hip, elbows, heart and eyes have passed.  This can be checked at the OFA website.  (www.offa.org)

  • It is someone who belongs to Code of Ethics breed clubs. 

  • It is someone who has proven their dogs are worthy of being bred and have something to offer the breed.  This is done through competing in the Breed ring, obedience, tracking, herding and agility, and achieving titles in the various venues.   

  • It is someone who raises the puppies in their home, not in a shed, barn or outdoor kennel.

  • It is someone who asks you pertinent questions about your reasons for wanting a rottweiler.

  • It is someone who will guarantee the health of the puppy. 

  • It is someone who requires per a contract that the welfare of the puppy is guaranteed. 

How do you find a responsible breeder?

  • Contact local kennel clubs.

  • Go to dog shows and speak to people there that are exhibiting their dogs.

  • Contact national breed clubs (www.amrottclub.org)

Do not look in the classified ads of the paper or at pet shops.  Many people have been shocked to find out the dog they love dearly has genetic conditions that will cost often hundreds if not thousands of dollars to save the life of their beloved pet. 

It is a costly process to ethically breed dogs and only part of this cost is passed on to the puppy owners.  Well bred puppies can still be expensive.   If you are not willing or able to make this type of investment, please go to the following link and consider getting a rescue Rottie.  www.inkyrr.org  or check out Angel’s story at, http://beauproductions.com/angel/